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It’s been one of those weeks folks. I apologize for the lack of feature Friday posts…but last week…I was down. With the stomach flu. Yuck. My daughter was at preschool for one day….just one day…and caught a bug..and it spread like wildfire in our house. I won’t go into anymore gory details…but it was not pretty:)So..I’m back this week…with a feature on my favorite product that I offer. It’s the mini pocket album. They are 3×3…and come with a nice plastic sleeve to protect them. They come in sets of 2 or 5. Here’s a peek at them:



They are PERFECT for grandparents…and especially for us moms. When I’m out and about without my kids, people always ask if I have pictures of them. This is exactly what you need in your purse…and you can pull it out and voila…here’s 10 pics of my kiddos:)The make great Christmas gifts…hint hint…it’s getting close to that time of the year again. This could be one thing you check of your list early!! Be sure to ask about them at your next session.

Happy Friday…and have a great weekend!!