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I started my business back in 2011. I jumped right in…head first. I had taken a “starting your photography business” class online, so I thought that would be enough to get me going. It worked for awhile. I knew what my mission was…and I knew that I wanted to be my own boss. I had friends of friends contacting me to do family pictures…things were humming along. Until the time I did a newborn session and the family didn’t purchase ANY photos. I had invested all my time & energy into a 3-4 hour newborn session…edited all the photos…and nothing. That was a blow to my ego & to my heart. What was I doing wrong? Why wouldn’t they want my pictures of their newborn baby? Was my work really that horrible? I will admit that had me in a downward spiral after that. I started doubting myself, and felt ashamed & embarrassed that I EVEN thought I could be a professional photographer. Who was I kidding? Where was I supposed to go now? I started comparing my work to all the fabulous photographers out there…and you know what I thought…I sucked.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”Theodore Roosevelt

Eventually I picked myself up. Granted, I was much more timid going into a session…and my experience changed me & my photography suffered. How were other photographers doing it all?I would hear success stories of other moms turned photographers…they were rolling in the big bucks & their work was amazing. I looked at my own work…and was feeling less than…and I was left wondering how they were doing it all…and raising their kids. I was not living a balanced life that’s for sure. 

One day I found a link to Go4ProPhotos and did some looking around. I subscribed to the email tips, but didn’t dive too much further than that. Until December of 2012. I got one of Leah’s emails and in it was a video of a girl sharing her testimony about The Thriving Photographer program & how successful she became because of it. I was hooked. Seriously…you can make THAT kind of money in photography? My average sale was pretty pathetic…I think it was around $250. Definitely not the kind of income I was hoping for. I told my husband about the program & I said I HAVE to do this. He watched the video…looked at the cost…and said…I know you can do this too…let’s do it. So I signed up…and it was THE best decision I ever made….not just for my business, but for my self too. You need to watch this video

So…what will be your next step?

Will you sit back & daydream about the day you finally get it together? Or are you going to take control & decide TODAY is the day I’m gonna start living my dream? You are worth it…believe me.

You deserve to have the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

I am here to help you reach that dream. Starting Friday, Feb. 20th, The Thriving Photographer will be back for the first time in 2015. This is YOUR chance to experience something amazing and you get to be a part of something HUGE.

Now we are PAYING IT FORWARD! I have personally been invited by Leah to be a ThriveCoach so that I can help Leah lead the next generation of Thrivers through their personal journey from surviving to THRIVING! When you enroll I will be your coach, your mentor and guide during your learning. You will become part of my private Thrive Coaching Circle and get one on one support through your Thrive journey via some awesome COACH JODI BONUSES for you when you enroll with a special PROMO CODE ! I’ll dish more on that in a few… You’re probably wondering what in the world the THRIVING PHOTOGRAPHER program is? THE THRIVING PHOTOGRAPHER is a downloaded-able photography business, pricing and marketing bootcamp! The course is designed to be done over 8 weeks, self study. You can do it at your own pace in the comfort of your own home by listening to the audio and completing worksheets and exercises. Then, once you have completed the program you will have the option to join us for a THRIVE RETREAT where we have workshops, laughs and usually a slumber party!

I believe that as women, we do our best work when we can see how others have done it before us.  Well, now you will not only get to see how Leah Remillét built her amazing, successful photography business (did you know she build her biz when she had 3 kids under the age of 4 and was averaging $8000+ a month, working 15 hours a week?!) but I’m also going to let you in on how I started building my Child & Family Photography business.

The Thriving Photographer has been the best investment I have ever made.  The program in and of itself is worth every single penny. But when you put your trust in me to support you and be your cheerleader as you embark, I think that deserves a big ol’ thank you! And while having me say thank you might be lovely, getting real stuff is way better, right?!  The bonuses will be tiered based upon which program level you choose to invest in (there are three options). 

You will receive everything included in Thrive Basic
+ (2) 30 minute coaching calls with me ($150)

+ Access to & support through my private Thrive Circle Facebook group

You will recieve everything included in Thrive Plus
+ (2) 30 minute coaching calls with me ($150)
+ Access to & support through my private Thrive Circle Facebook group

+ Step by step instruction for Session Premiere preparation

You will recieve everything included in Thrive Experience
+ (4) 30 minute coaching calls with me ($300)
+ Access to & support through my private Thrive Circle Facebook group

+ Step by step instruction for Session Premiere preparation
+ Your choice of camera bag from my favorite company! ($350)



How do I make sure that you get credit & I get the bonuses you are offering? 
When you receive your order confirmation from The Thriving Photographer™ just reply back and ask to confirm that you will be added to my Thrive Coaching Circle

Which Thrive Program should I purchase? 
If all you can swing is Thrive Basic, you will still get huge results. Thrive Plus is by far the most popular because it comes with all the awesome things that Thrivers were already buying and you get them at a huge discount. I have personally LOVED having The Product Guide and have used that to increase high-end experience and it creates a very put together vibe! But, if I could do it again, I would do Thrive Experience all the way! With Thrive Experience you literarily get to have Leah in your town… building your business with you and for you!

If I buy Thrive using your link, will I get Leah’s bonuses too? 

Yes! You get all of Leah’s bonuses + you get my bonuses and my support and encouragement!

How do I know if The Thriving Photographer™ is right for my business goals? 
You can download the first chapter of Thrive HERE. Get your hands on it, listen to it and see how you feel. If something in you is saying “I think this is what I’ve been looking for,” trust that.  I did, and I’ve never looked back!

How do I access your bonuses and get added to your Thrive Circle? 

When you purchase and enroll in The Thriving Photographer, enter “TC-Jodi Parsons” in the coupon code field. After you get your order receipt you’re welcome to forward it to me so I can add you in for the bonuses. Leah’s team will also give me a report of all my new Thrive Coaches.

This is YOUR chance to start living your dream. This is YOUR time to SHINE. YOU deserve to LIVE THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED!



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